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An anniversary cake reservation is received.

Hall cake

Seasonal fruit tarts

(15cm)  ¥3,200

To the tarts baked with crispy chocolate subret cloth and almond cream Creamy custard cream and plenty of fruit sweets

Seasonal fruit decoration cake

(15㎝) ¥3,300

I sandwiched seasonal fruits and Hokkaido purity cream into a moist sponge Popular NO 1 decoration cake

SChoco Coding Decoration Cake

(15㎝) ¥3,500

Decorated cake cocoa sponge fabric sandwiching rich raw chocolate cream and fruit and coding Belgian chocolate cream and finished with fruit

Chocolat decoration cake

(15cm)  ¥3,200

Moistly rich Galley Chocolate uses Belgian chocolate and is bitter Decorated cake finished with Hokkaido produced cream and seasonal fruit in a harmonious taste of taste and sweetness

Mangetsu roll


Domestic high-grade wheat and southern Ise commitment Egg, Hokkaido-made sugar and commitment technique Squid high-grade purine cream sandwiched sponge baked full moon proud piece


Seasonal shortcake


Moist sponge with smooth and rich short cake of seasonal fresh fruit and purine cream

Seasonal fruit tarts


Sukusaku chocolate Sabre fabric with almond cream and served with creamy custard cream and plenty of fruit sweet tarts



Moistly moist cocoa sponge and seasonal fruit, raw chocolate cream and whipped sour chocolate cake with harmony of sourness and sweetness


Sugar shoe


Shoes that baked with beat sugar baked have unique texture and cream with custard cream with plenty of vanilla beans with mild

Chocolate shoe


Plenty of raw cream chocolate in the shoe skin of the cocoa fabric and puffed cream coated on the surface with Belgian chocolate

Other sweets

Mangetsu pudding


Popular items that can be sold out quickly baked to a smooth pudding with plenty of the attention of southern Ise


1 piece ¥ 350/4 pieces ¥ 1,400 / 6 pieces ¥ 2,100

"Amamituki" is the "full moon", that is, the old name of the full moon. It adds firmness and flavor of the chestnut itself, it covers the entire azuki chestnut, compares the full moon moon to be seen and hidden in the clouds to a chestnut, it is a gem superb unique that we created

Assorted baked confectionery


Madeleines and financier cookies baked carefully with carefully selected materials are additives. We offer deliciousness and peace of mind.

Assorted baked confectionery


Tsukiyo gift(Plain & Matcha)


Tsukiyo (Plain)


A sweet tasting sweet sandwiched with butter cream containing Hokkaido red bean in vanilla sponge



A sweet sandwiched between butter cream and chestnut of azuki bean produced by Hokkaido as a sponge of Ise tea

Mangetsu Gift(Matcha & brown sugar)

Sweets that baked with good butter and Hokkaido-produced red bean paste

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